Body Composition Analyzer

Body Composition Analyzer is a non evasive device used to determine the amount of body fat of a person. This instrument delivers a painless current through the body and calculates the degree of electrical impedance of body tissues.

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Hologic Bone Sonometer

Hologic Bone Sonometer is a unique medical equipment used to perform a quantitative ultrasound measurement of the heel bone or calcaneus the results of which can be used in conjunction with other clinical factors as an aid to the physician

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Spirometer is a device used to determine the volume of air exhaled and inhaled by the lungs. It is used to measure the ventilation, movement of air into the lungs and out of the lungs. It also identifies two types of abnormal ventilation

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Company Profile

Wintech Medical Services is the leading distributor of superior quality portable medical equipments such as Bone Densitometer, Spirometer, Body Composition Analyzer, ECG Machines, etc in India. With a strong base and presence in Kerala & Mumbai presently, we are expanding our reach to other places. Wintech Medical Services offers a wider range of medical equipment to Doctors, Medical Camps, Health Utilities etc. Keeping healthcare ethics integral rendering greater value for contractual benefits. These devices are able to print the test results instantly at the spot.

Even the best medical equipment has wear and tearand breaks down due to extensive usage and also every day use can make the equipment unusable and unsafe. Wintech Medical Services with its collection of ready accessories and spares is here to support you by taking care of repairs and maintenance of any type, be it preventive routine or corrective on call, instantaneously on excellence.A Customer friendly team committed on providing world class services and support in no loss of time to the customer’s best satisfaction.

We are associated through tie up with Medical / Pharmaceutical Companies like Cipla Ltd, Glenmark Ltd, Torrent Ltd, TTK Health Care, Waksmed, Gufic Group and Vasu Health Care Pvt Ltd.


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